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5 Must-Buy ‘It Girl’ Sunglasses Under $9 at Amazon



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Sunglasses are the kind of versatile accessory that anyone can wear. What’s more, anyone can wear them and make them look good. But not all sunglasses are made equal. Some of them are much more fashionable than others – making you look like a junior it girl – and some are much cheaper than others, too. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on designer shades when there are plenty of them that’ll do the trick just fine for much less.

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Sunny side up! Every now and then, we’ll shell out on a luxury style staple. A nice piece of jewelry or designer handbag is often worth the investment. But one accessory we’ll never splurge on is sunglasses! Don’t get Us wrong — we love rocking shades, but we don’t love spending hundreds of dollars on […]

Of course, Amazon is filled to the brim with products. How could you possibly figure out which pairs you want the most without having to scroll and shop around forever? We’ve done the work for you. Below, check out five of our favorite it girl sunglasses on Amazon that’ll only set you back $9 or less. That’s less than the price of Starbucks and a snack. And being stylish is priceless, after all. Check them all out below.

5 Must-Buy ‘It Girl’ Sunglasses Under $9 at Amazon

1. Style Squared: These rectangular sunglasses are a fun way to greet the day, and they look like they belong on a model  — just $7!

2. Supersized Cool: This pair of oversized sunglasses will make you look like a social media superstar on their day off — just $7!

3. Polygonal: These polarized sunglasses aren’t quite round, but not quite polygonal, but they are super cool  — just $7!

4. Cat-Eyed: Everyone looks good in a pair of cat-eye sunglasses — just $5!

5. Large and in Charge: Hide behind these oversized sunglasses or show them off to your adoring fans — just $7!

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