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4 Must-Try RevitaLash Cosmetics Products to Buy Now



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RevitaLash Cosmetics is one of today’s buzziest beauty brands, mainly thanks to its trademark serum (if you’re not familiar, we’re about to fill you in)! But you may have mistakenly thought that RevitaLash Cosmetics is only a hero for your brows and lashes, but think again! The popular brand has a slew of other popular products which are about to take your beauty routine to the next level. From hair care and serums to products particularly targeted to those of Us with sensitivity issues, RevitaLash Cosmetics has everything you need to support your hair— with science.

Oh, and as an exciting bonus, RevitaLash Cosmetics is dedicated to giving back. Each purchase supports their Eternally Pink pledge to fight breast cancer, funding research, screenings and support for patients who need it most. Over $4 million (and counting!) has been donated so far. Go pink!

Here are some RevitaLash Cosmetics products to add to your rotation ahead of the new year — scroll on, and get shopping!

This Volume-Enhancing Scalp Foam

If you’re looking to add more body to your hair, you’re in the right place. This lightweight foam addresses the look of fine and thinning hair (quite literally) by strengthening the hair and conditioning the scalp. In fact, it uses the same BioPeptin Complex that makes RevitaLash Cosmetics lash and brow serums so popular! And best of all, it is so easy to use. Simply massage into wet or dry hair, let it sit, and watch your hair go from limp and lifeless to voluminous. A As an added bonus, the product is incredibly gentle and does not contain any harsh cleansers or sulfates.


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This Eyebrow Conditioning Serum

Your brows get just as damaged as the hair on your head does — be it from chemicals, styling gels, over-grooming or simply aging. With this serum, you can transform your natural brows to look fuller, younger, and bolder. The product can be used on color-treated brows, with permanent makeup and with semi-permanent makeup. See visibly healthier, fuller-looking brows you’ll be able to style to your heart’s content. At the end of the day, that’s all many of Us could dream of! While the price may seem steep to some shoppers, it’s a four-month supply. With over 7,000 five-star reviews globally, you can rest easy knowing this will be a vital part of your makeup bag.

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This Lash Conditioning Serum

Perhaps what RevitaLash Cosmetics is best known for is its eyelash serum. This one-of-a-kind formula regularly snags tens of thousands of five-star reviews — and for good reason. Your natural lashes will get noticeably stronger, shinier, healthier and even curlier . RevitaLash Cosmetics formulas contain a patented Curl Effect technology — which delivers supportive nutrients to lashes — that puts the brand far above competitors. This is a solid investment for someone who enjoys a low-maintenance beauty routine. Chemical and environmental stressors start to take their toll, but this serum will get lashes back on the right track!

See it: Get the RevitaLash Advanced for $152 at RevitaLash Cosmetics!

This Sensitive Eyelash Serum

If you have sensitive eyes but still want strong, healthy lashes with a natural curl, this serum is definitely for you! Even if you’ve experienced irritation from other eyelash serums before, don’t let that scare you — this formula was designed for skin prone to redness, irritation, and sensitivity. Revitasome® Technology slowly releases the antioxidant and peptide-rich serum into the lashes without over-saturating. Rice protein, aloe vera and amino acids are just a few of the ingredients that make this formula unique. You’ll get the bold, shiny, youthful glow you’ve been hoping for with fewer uncomfortable effects. Obsessed!

Get the RevitaLash Advanced Sensitive for $106 at RevitaLash Cosmetics!

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