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17 of the Best Warm Leggings to Keep You Toasty



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Leggings are the staple of every woman’s wardrobe. Everyone has at least one pair. And let’s get one very important thing out of the way. Leggings are pants. But not every pair of leggings has the ability to keep you impossibly toasty when you wear them in the cold. You’ve got to find some that aren’t transparent when they stretch, or at the very least some that aren’t so thin they act more like tights.

But how do you know which leggings are actually warm and which will (literally) leave you out in the cold? We’ve done all the hard work for you and gathered 17 of the best warm leggings to help keep you comfortable and cozy this winter.  Keep on scrolling for our favorite picks —  from fleece-lined favorites to printed looks — all available now on Amazon!

1. Our Absolute Favorite: These leggings are lined with some of the warmest, softest fleece you’ll find on Amazon.  You’ll want to wrap up in the fleece and whisper sweet nothing to these leggings ’til the cows come home.

2. We Also Love: Pockets. Not only do these toasty lined leggings have pockets, but they come in plenty of colors to choose from, too!

3. Smooth Like Velvet: The crushed velvet leggings are perfect for pairing with a nice blouse for a dressy look, but they’re still nice and snuggly.

4. Not Baaa-ad: These sherpa-lined leggings are thicker than a Snicker, but look super svelte on anyone looking to keep warm.

5. Belt It Out: This dress from Amazon Essentials takes our fave up top in a different direction, offering the fun of the top-t0-bottom buttons with a belted waist for extra flair. The collar and cuffed short sleeves make it the perfect office option to still keep things casual.

6. Rock That Flare: These flared fleece-lined leggings look a bit more like pants, and add a little oomph to each outfit.

7. Leader Hose’n: Want to rock a nude leg look? These pantyhose-like leggings mimic tights with warm, furry insides.

8. Outrun the Cold: We love these thicker yoga pants with pockets for their warmth and flexibility when working out and running outdoors.

9. Rock the Spots: These animal-inspired fleece-lined print leggings let you walk on the wide side with fun animal prints that’ll keep you toasty.

10. Jean Dreams: Everything you love about jeans in fleece-lined denim-flavored stretch leggings for a fun, versatile fit.

11. Lovely in Leather: These stretchy pleather leggings bring a bit of edge to your outfit while keeping you nice and warm without making you overheat.

12. Shimmery Sparkles: Go out in the world glistening with these sparkling, eye-catching leggings with lining to stay comfortable in the cold weather.

13. Wet Look: Show off your assets with these sleek, wet-look faux leather leggings with a warm, snuggly lining that no one will know is there.

14. Rainbow Radiance: Choose a hue and own the night with these shiny, colorful leggings that won’t let the chilliness in.

15. Simply Sophisticated: These sleek lined leggings are perfect for coordinating for casual wear in just about any color.

16. Darling Designs: Choose from a variety of whimsical prints and designs on these leggings while staying super comfy.

17. Colorblockin’ It: Try on a new fit with these athletic, colorblocked leggings that will help you keep your core temperature up while you get some exercise.

Not done shopping yet? See more of our favorite products below:

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