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17 Blazers to Keep You Looking Sharp This Winter and Beyond



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Fact: Winter fashion doesn’t have to be mundane — seriously! Arguably, this is one of the best sartorial seasons due to the crisp, cold winds it brings! But if you are more inclined to keep yourself bundled up, there are stylish layering pieces which can keep you toasty — like winter-friendly blazers!

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If you’re looking for a cozy option for your day-to-day office commute or want a blazer which offers the versatility to elevate a fun night out on the town, we have you covered! With that in mind, we’ve rounded up 17 winter blazers which may become your new favorites — read on to see our picks!

1. Office Chic: Get into the flow of the office with this  houndstooth blazer — just $140!

2. Print Frenzy: Show your knack for eye-catching patterns with this plaid blazer — just $111!

3. Wooly Warmth: Stay warm this winter in this flannel double knit blazer — just $228!

4. Crisp Formal: Give off BOSS and CEO vibes with this wool blend blazer — just $387!

5. Chanel Vibes: Get the look of Chanel’s signature tweed with this boucle blazer — just $395!

6. Melts Like Butter: Nothing is more silky and smooth than velvet, and this velvet corduroy blazer is sleek and cozy — just $108!

7. Honey, I Shrunk My Blazer: This corduroy shrunken blazer gives off ’70s vibes and will offer much versatility throughout the seasons — just $166!

8. Boxy Leathers: Add a touch of sustainability to your look with this vegan leather blazer – just $158!

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9. Casual Elegance: This blazer is light for the summer and perfect for winter shindigs — just $42!

10. Everyday Essential: Get this long blazer for the perfect option which teams well with jeans, trousers, sneakers, heels — pretty much anything — just $52!

11. Fashionable Business Woman: Try this double-breasted blazer for an option that does all the talking for you — just $75!

12. Edgy Emphasizing: Be sure to show off your figure with this hourglass blazer — just $119!

13. Cute Cropping: Keep it short and cute with this cropped open blazer — just $122!

14. School Daze: Channel your younger years with this school uniform-like blazer — just $164!

15. Structured Sophistication: Get into the dramatic shoulder of this alpaca blazer — just $319!

16. Smooth Comfort: Show every passerby you mean business with this suede double-breasted jacket — just $179!

17. Sleekness For Everybody: Go effortlessly from day-to-night with this faux-leather blazer – just $225!

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