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17 Affordable Loungewear Items That Exude Designer Luxury



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When you’re lounging around the house making pancakes on a Saturday morning, you probably don’t need to be decked out in a Fendi sweatsuit (unless that’s your thing, of course). But if you love the idea of sophisticated relaxation — silk, satin, fur, the finer things in life — and don’t want to break the bank, you’re in luck.

Elegant-looking loungewear doesn’t have to be expensive; in fact, we found 17 sophisticated and ultra-cozy loungewear items for under $55. You’ll be ready to discuss fine art and pricey antiques once you slip on these designer-like pants, sweatshirts, sets and slippers!

Check out these chic and timeless picks below ahead of 2024!


1. Our absolute favorite: This silky set looks like something out of 18th century England. You’ll feel like a royal! The wide-leg flair bottoms go perfectly with slippers or heels.

2. We also love: Cheetah print is totally in right now for a sassy, Hamptons vibe. Add a pair of shades to seal the deal!

3. We can’t forget: A blend of viscose, polyamide and polyester makes this knit set extra soft and stretchy. Black lining dials up the style factor while adding a touch of class.

4. Cool and sporty: This jogger-and-cropped-sweatshirt combo is like what the stars wear out on their morning coffee runs. A high-rise elastic waistband keeps these joggers secure while you walk, talk, go to yoga and shop! You just might wear it all day long.

5. Italy-bound: You’ll feel like you’re lounging in an oceanside Portofino villa when you throw on this flowy set. We adore the pleated look!

6. Bonus: Why have a two-piece set when you can have three? Wear all three pieces together or mix and match with other garments — you choose! The cropped tank has a super cute adjustable drawstrings to flatter your midsection if you decide to wear it out.

7. Extra credit: You’ll be in love with this satin loungewear set like thousands of other savvy shoppers! There are 37 different color options and some seasonal designs for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Halloween.


8. Our absolute favorite: These baggy-yet-fitted pants are suitable for any body types. They will become your newest wardrobe staple when you team them with a snazzy pair of white sneakers and a cute cropped sweatshirt!

9. We also love: Graceful energy alert! The all-white look is a bold winter statement which exudes luxury. These pants will get you to that level!

10. We can’t forget: Oversized sweatpants just might be the most comfortable garments out there. These ones are stylish with cargo pockets and bold lining. Cozy queen alert!

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11. Our absolute favorite: When the college field hockey sweatshirt you’ve had in your closet for decades just isn’t cutting it anymore, you have to check out this turtleneck pullover! You won’t regret looking chic in this cozy oversized sweatshirt.

12. We also love: The fleece material makes this loose-fitting crew neck extra soft. We love the versatility of this sweatshirt for any casual occasion. Make a fashion statement with layered necklaces!

13. We can’t forget: Trendy is an understatement. The all-around relaxed fit gives you plenty of room to stretch, sleep, bake cookies, dance and do what whatever else you want!

14. Bonus: This Britney Spears-style zip-up sweatshirt is the only thing you need to have everyone’s eyes on you in the center of a ring just like a circus. So aesthetic!


15. Our absolute favorite: Fluffy slippers are everywhere, and these ones happen to be made with memory foam. Warm and soft, these ultra-suave slip-ons will cushion your feet — and your soul.

16. We also love: Chunky white shoes with added support are a much-deserved treat for your feet. They pair perfectly with a tracksuit! These stylish kicks will help you crush your step goals even on days when you’d rather stay wrapped in a blanket.

17. We can’t forget: If you haven’t heard of pillow slippers, well, they’re exactly what they sound like. These slippers look like Nike slides except with a thicker foam sole. Ready for a spa day yet?

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